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Amphibia > Anura > Dicroglossidae > Dicroglossinae > Minervarya

Minervarya spp. – Cricket Frogs

Taxonomic Notes:

Mineryarya is a taxonomically complex genus. A recent evidence obtained using molecular tools has resulted into reassigning many  Fejervarya species to Mineryarya. Thus, at present, Minervarya is represented by a total of 33 species in India. While a few of those could be identified to species level from images and/or locality of image, many have to be inspected more closely. The images that show only limited morphological characters are often not enough to get a clearer consensus on species-level identification. In such cases assessors need multiple images of same individuals showing most, if not all morphological characters to confirm species identification.
This page hosts such images where species identity is not been determined yet. However, this image gallery will help experts on the website team as well as those externally affiliated for easy comparison of these images with already identified reference images and museum specimens. This will make the submitted images and other information promptly and more readily available to a broader group of experts who can review and identify hitherto unpublished images. These images will be moved to individual species pages when species identification is confirmed by experts. Your help and comments are indeed welcome. Email us your suggestions and insights along with relevant media codes mentioned on the images, and we will try to respond at the earliest. 
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Amphibia > Anura > Dicroglossidae > Dicroglossinae > Minervarya

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